Anastasiya Halionka

Anastasiya Halionka

Children’s book “Sam the Bear and his dream”

I created the illustrations for my own book “Sam the Bear and his dream”. Work on 12 book spreads took about 2 months. The main character in the book is a bear, but besides him you can find a mouse and a rabbit, plus a beaver and many other animals. The illustrations turned out to be bright, colorful and detailed. In order to make the illustrations more interesting, I used textures of various materials (stone, metal, paper, fabric). The result is cozy warm illustrations.

In order for the reader not to get bored while reading the book, I used not only full book spreads, but also full-page and spot illustrations. In addition, one of the book spreads is unusually located in the book, it is vertical. This was done in order to show the size of the main character. In general it was a great pleasure to draw this book!

P.S. More illustrations of this story follow the link “Sam the Bear and his dream”

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