Anastasiya Halionka

Anastasiya Halionka

Anastasiya Halionka

Anastasiya Halionka

I`m children`s books illustrator and this is my story

Hello, I’m a children’s books illustrator with 5+ years of experience and my name is Anastasiya Halionka.

When I was a child, probably, like all children, I loved to draw. But I never thought that I would connect my life with an illustration. Besides, it seemed to me that I was not talented enough. And I thought that I would not be able to become an artist, much fewer a children’s books illustrator. In addition, the adults next to me often said that you can’t earn a living by drawing.

So my education should be serious. That’s why I got a law degree. And only at the age of 27, I realized that I have to do what I really like. I have to do what makes my heart beat faster. And for me, this favorite thing was drawing.

So the question arose, what do I want to draw? There was nothing that could stop me. I drew everything I saw and it brought incredible pleasure. But most of all, my soul lay for children’s illustrations. My heart belonged to funny and cute characters.

At the very beginning of my journey, I drew with a simple pencil on ordinary paper, but something was missing for me. So I realized that I want to try new traditional materials. I started to draw with watercolors, gouache and colored pencils, pastel crayons. Until now, illustrations made with traditional materials cause me delight and admiration. Perhaps in the near future, I will work as a children’s books illustrator that will be drawn with traditional materials.

Today I prefer to draw all my projects in digital art programs, and I get great pleasure from it. My main assistants are the tablet Wacom on which I draw in Photoshop. In addition, I often use an iPad and draw in the Procreate.

For me it's more than children's books

I create characters and illustrations that will leave a mark on your heart. Each character is like a small child for me, who acquires his own unique character with each page turned over. My characters get into different situations, solve their problems, make decisions and get their experience. Therefore, they will be interesting to you and your children. I will be very glad if my illustrations make you smile.


Anastasiya Halionka

P.S. I am a fan of my business, I have a great love for what I do

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +48 732 842 372

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