Kajsa Hallström

Kajsa Hallström

Kajsa Hallström

Kajsa Hallström

I’m Kajsa and I'm a part time freelance illustrator. I’ve been drawing and making up stories since I was a little kid and after been working as a Product developer/Design engineer for about 5 years, I decided in early 2019 that it was time to pursue my dream and become a children's book illustrator.

I love creating illustrations full of personality and atmosphere. Quite often you can find whimsical and magical details in them, but most importantly my goal is to tell a story.

I also work part time as a freelance publisher for a children's book publisher here in Sweden. My role and responsibilities there make me well versed in the process of creating and producing a children's book from start to finish (including print related matters). 

I live with my fiancé in the very South of Sweden, surrounded by golden fields and beech forests.

I've worked with several publishers both in Sweden and internationally and have illustrated a number of picture books and chapter/middlegrade books. Every now and then I do editorial work and other more short term assignments. I'm always looking for new projects and stories so don't hesitate to contact me!

If you are an author and want to contact me about illustrations for a children's book, please provide info regarding the following things:

- What is the book about?
- What type of children's boook is it - picture book, chapter book, middle grade?
- What type of illustrations are you looking for - colour or black and white? Super detailed or simpler? You can reference my previous work if you'd like.
- Self publishing/traditional publishing?
- Market/territory?
- Schedule?
- Budget?

Thank you!

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