Nathalie Beauvois

Nathalie Beauvois

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Simone´s hiding place

Something that certainly defined our  summers was hide-and-seek, we played with my cousins ​​and usually some neighborhood friends would join the game, midnight would strike and pass, with us kids running and chasing  each other around my grandpa´s house garden. We already knew all the possible hiding places by heart, so it was quite a challenge and a great celebration when someone came up with a new spot. That night we were in the full euphoria of the game, when Simone arrived from the office, although coming to think of it, probably not, because it was already pitch dark and it was summer, when days stretched long and fragrant. She was wearing her Paraguayan Airlines uniform, a blue skirt, white shirt and red scarf, or maybe my memory just made that up to fill in the blanks. It was not unusual that Simone got involved in one of our games, being the cool aunty. Simone laughed loud and once she started, she found it impossible to just stop. Her whole body laughed, uncontrollably, and, it's said, a drop of pee sometimes even wet her undies, her eyes sparkled in  turquoise dampness. That´s why she was so bad at hide and seek playing, her tell tale laughter always gave her away.

We played one more game before going inside the house to get bathed and chilled down for bedtime, little by little we all emerged from our hiding places, either by having been discovered, or in a frantic race to touch base before getting caught. Except for her, no matter how much we looked and searched, that night ,Simone failed to appear.

Suddenly the telltale laugh resounded loudly, and out of nowhere, as if by some sort of summery magic, right in the midst of a clear in the garden, where there was not even a bush to crouch behind, Simone materialized, running, tall, a bit lanky, as she usually ran, "Free!!!” she yelled, reaching base before the seeker could tag her. Simone had discovered the best place to hide, it was a magical night. Afterwards, several of us tried to use the same hiding resource, but the trick never worked for us.

Simone passed away at 83 and never lost her li playful spirit


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