Jill McDonald

Jill McDonald

Jill McDonald

Jill McDonald

Illustrator, surface designer and sometimes author Jill McDonald is known for her colorful and playful art.

She received a BFA with a textile major from Rhode Island School of Design and has been navigating a freelance art career since 2004 with her husband & business partner Antonio (an architect in his previous life).

Jill has years of experience working on a wide array of products including kids and baby bedding, fabric and scrapbooking collections, puzzles, games, greeting cards, and books.  She is the author/ illustrator of the popular early learning series Hello, World! which continues to grow.

Jill’s fun, whimsical art creates a happy feeling & she is often told “It brought a smile to my face”.  Jill enjoys bringing a touch of education to her art when she can & considers herself to be a curious lifelong learner.

Being dyslexic, Jill has always visited the pictures on the page first to cue her brain on the story in hand.  This gives her a special understanding of the power of a picture. We all learn differently. Studying an image provides a gateway to enter the words that accompany it.

Although Jill’s art is bright & breezy, she takes her job as an illustrator seriously & knows what a gift it is to share art with others.
Nestled on the third floor of her home she works out of her sun-drenched studio designed by Antonio.  The two are also parents of a growing teen son and one sweet but stinky French Bulldog.

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