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Thank you for visiting CRAVEN DESIGN! For more than thirty years representing professional illustrators experienced in a full range of genres, from humorous to realistic, decorative and technical, electronic and traditional, including maps, charts and graphs. Serving publishers, editors and art directors, as well as toy and game manufacturers. We are looking forward to working with you soon! ... Bernard Adnet, Shirley Beckes, Pamela Carroll, Nelle Davis, Daniel Delvalle, Pat & Robin DeWitt, Shelley Dieterichs, Mordicai Gerstein, Mike Gordon, Gershom Griffith, Jan Naimo Jones, Sophie Kittredge, Loretta Krupinski, Vickie Learner, Joe LeMonnier, Mike Maydak, Kay McCabe, Tim Pfeiffer, Miriam Sagasti, Heather Solomon, Tom Sperling, N.Jo Tufts, ... & proudly representing them, Meryl Jones.

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