Paola Camma

Paola Camma

"Simply love"

I created this little sketch for the #OurOtherMother campaign in honor of our "mother earth". I titled my illustration "simply love" - I wanted to represent the pure love that children, still far from the complicated world of adults, manage to spread with sincerity without fear ... we must learn from children and from nature.
This campaign #OurOtherMother is a collaboration between climate parent groups Our Kids Climate @ourkidsclimate, Parents For Future UK @parentsforfuture_uk, Mothers Rise Up @mothersriseup and children's illustrators kidlit4climate @kidlit4climate , editartz @_editartz , Jim Field @_jimfield, and Rebecca Cobb @rebecca_a_cobb.  UK will host the global climate talks - COP 26 - this November, so we will go forward to this vital summit.

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