Nicola Slater

Nicola Slater

Represented by Good Illustration

The Clumsies Make a Mess

Three crazy, funny stories, featuring the two clumsiest talking mice you'll ever meet! 'The mouse started to trundle away, glancing at Howard over its shoulder, nervously. 'You may well glance at me nervously,' said Howard, picking up an empty water glass and placing it over the mouse. 'You'll stay in there so I can eat my breakfast in peace. I shall deal with you afterwards!'' But you can't really deal with the Clumsies, afterwards or at any time. Once you've got them, you're stuck with them. From the moment when Howard Armitage first finds two talking mice under his desk -- the inimitable and hilarious Purvis and Mickey Thompson -- his life, and his belongings, are turned forever upside down. Obsessed with biscuits and forever playing incomprehensible games of their own devising, the Clumsies are not your average mice -- and though they're desperate to help Howard get out of trouble with his evil boss, they're only really good for one thing! !making a mess.

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