See It Dream It Do It

The creators of If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It are back with inspiring profiles on twenty-five diverse careers and individuals. 

In See It Dream It Do It, young readers are given a lens into the life of an architect, a paleontologist, a pilot, and so many more through detailed job profiles and full-colour photos. How does a comedian write the perfect joke? How does a private investigator crack a mysterious case? Questions about jobs you know, and don’t know, are answered in a fun and accessible way through pro tips, spin-off job sidebars, and spotlight features about young people already achieving their dreams. 

Following the success of If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It: How 25 inspiring individuals found their dream jobs,teacher andaward-winning author Colleen Nelson, teams up once again with librarian and literacy advocate Kathie MacIsaac to introduce inspiring individuals of many backgrounds, genders, and abilities. Seeing a wide range of representation, in both people and jobs, is the first step to young people discovering their own career possibilities. This information-packed resource shows how education can come in many different forms, such as university, college, trade school, apprenticeship, or specialized training. A wide range of job profiles provides valuable insight into how each individual developed the skills and expertise they needed for their career. 

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