Alicia Schwab

Alicia Schwab

Great Book Review for TAKOZA

I am grateful that the non-profit organization The Circle: Native American News and Arts gave my book TAKOZA: WALKS WITH THE BLUE MOON GIRL, a great review. “Takoza: Walks with the Blue Moon Girl” is the most literary of the three books. Written by Tara Perron (Dakota/Ojibwe), it’s the story of a little Dakota girl who loves her grandmother’s bedtime stories. Grandmother (Kunsi) makes sense of the world, explaining that children are like sacred seeds in a family garden.

“You were born into the world from the drum of your mother’s heartbeat,” Kunsi said softly.

“Made up of all the love and strength of the ancestors before you, like all young seeds you are carried by many hearts and drums.”

A glossary at the end translates the 12 Dakota words used in the story, from Takoza (grandchild) to Tate (wind.) This is a very sweet story of generational ties and love.

The illustrations by Alicia Schwab will hold a child’s interest as Takoza learns the importance of seeds, gifts from the Creator, and nurturing.

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