Allan & Deborah Drew-Brook-Cormack

Allan & Deborah Drew-Brook-Cormack

First Blog Ever

It looks like we have never posted a blog (not sure what that is) and Deborah has suggested that I get on with one so here I go.

We have been full time illustrators for forty years now so it is no surprise that I am not as young as I was then.  Looks not withstanding.  We also find we can’t work as long nor as fast as we once did but still love doing it all the same.  Even if we are something of a pair of historical artifacts.

Publishing has changed somewhat over time but we are adapting although it sometimes demands a fine single malt at the end of the day.  We just completed a set of three wonderful books written by Kathryn Recourt.  They are the Sir Archibald Droolsalot series full of adventure and intrigue told in a timeless style and gaining a well deserved Canada Book Prize.  Not bad for a first time author and well deserved too.  Kathryn was wonderful to work with and we have become friends.

Deborah and I are now back to working on the house (it never ends) and preparing for the annual spring garden marathons of cleaning and picking up after winter and making all the additions and changes we planned over the winter.  Who needs a gym when one has a garden.

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