Lisa Wee

Lisa Wee

A note to self published authors (first timers and etc)

I have illustrated and published several picture and chapter books and I've more in development thanks to Covid 19 (Stay home) 

As a children’s book illustrator, I spend hours creating customised characters for each project. The illustrations may look simple but I spend a lot of time:

1) Concept and character development

2) Poses and expressions

3) Storyboarding to get the pacing just right

4) Making revisions

As a great illustrator, we don't just draw and add color to a cutesy scene (even thought, it looks that way),we breathe life and emotion into the story visually. My goal is to have each child remember the character's I've created for them long after reading each book.

Here is 5 tips on working with a freelance children illustrator:

Tip 1: Don’t ask for free sample sketches. If you are shopping around, check the illustrator’s social media to see whether the style suits you. If you still require a sample, a fee can be agreed.

Tip 2: Expect to pay a deposit upon signing a contract and the creation of a payment shcedule. This helps to keep both parties within the agreed timeline. 

Tip 3: Sign a contract with deadlines both for payment and deliverables. This will protect us both.

Tip 4: There shouldn’t be a need to bargain on price. This is your story, it is not cheap.

Tip 5: While you are paying the illustrator for the artwork, don’t assume you’ll own the rights to it at the end. Check first.

I love working with self published authors. They are amazing because they are bold, courageous and independent.

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A note to self published authors (first timers and etc)

Lisa Wee

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