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Rose Clayton

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Rose Clayton

Children's Illustrator

Was creativity part of your childhood?

Oh yes! I was always drawing and making things - cloths, hats, animals, I sometimes sold these in the local Art's centre and one of my animal creations was on the front desk in a Saturday morning children's show! :-)

I still make plenty things now!

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Do you have a favourite picture book or recall one of the first picture books you saw?

One very big influence was a children's programme where Quentin Blake drew the story he was telling.I couldn't believe he could create these characters immediately and so well. I tried to copy him and the fantastic outlines that Herge used for Tin Tin.

Describe your working technique and how you came to perfect it.

I'm still perfecting my technique, I think a true artist is always striving to improve and always fascinated by new mediums. I'm currently enjoying playing with gouache and exploring lettering and faces

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What do you do in your spare time?

Oh spare time! I absolutely love sketching by the sea, and walking, I play a little guitar and drum with a samba band. I'm very interested in permaculture and anything that teaches me more sustainable ways of living... even learning simple tecniques to up-cycle clothes

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How do you overcome a creative block?

I never have them truly! Every single thing I see can be drawn or painted!

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