Rae Ritchie

Rae Ritchie

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Rae Ritchie Interview

Rae Ritchie

Children's Illustrator

What is your favourite medium to work with and why?

My favorite medium to work with is acrylic gouache. I love the chalky matte nature of it, and it allows me to create some really great layered texture. Every brush stroke is visible which has become a signature element of my work. 

Share your favourite piece of artwork from your portfolio and walk us through its creation.

My recent favorite is the Geodesic Greenhouse painting. I knew I wanted to make this a very complex piece, so planning was key. I started with a sketch of the room, researching geodesic structures and how they look from different angles inside. I sketched the room, then moved into the main focal points (the black cats!). I then filled in with the rest of the greenery. Once the sketch was where I liked, I transferred the background sketch onto the final paper, and painted it in a more watery, loose style. I then used my lightbox to transfer sketches of all the other plants and focal points. For color, I went with my heart and used all the beautiful greens I could mix!

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Do you have a favourite soundtrack you listen to when you’re working?

Much of what I listen to during work time is either ambient or folk rock. I really love Tycho, Sigur Rós as well as Mountain Man, Fleet Foxes and Gregory Alan Isakov. I also love to listen to podcasts such as Stuff You Should Know, Attitudes, Fanti and many, many more!

Are there any children’s classics you’d love to illustrate and/or re-tell?

 I would love to work on a reiteration of Alice and Wonderland. I love the classic 1951 film and much of my early inspiration came from the well-known wildflower scene. I am obsessed with painting rabbits and flowers, so I believe it would be a natural fit!

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