Lauren Lowen

Lauren Lowen

Represented by Jennifer Nelson Artists, Inc.
Lauren Lowen Interview

Lauren Lowen

Children's Illustrator

Which books from your own childhood really stand out?

"Chloe and Maude" by Sandra Boyton. I still have my childhood copy and read it to my kids.

What do you hope children take away from your drawings?

A smile or a laugh. If someone feels a sense of whimsy or silliness, I've done my job.

Outline your dream project.

At this point I have a few, but one is to do a kid's clothing collaboration or a book that allowed me to create many different types of illustrations, like a collection of poems or short stories.

Do you have a favourite soundtrack you listen to when you’re working?

Most of my music is influenced by synth wave or funk. I like something that allows me to get lost in the art-making process!

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