Heather Powers

Heather Powers

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Heather Powers Interview

Heather Powers

Children's Illustrator

Do you have a favourite picture book or recall one of the first picture books you saw?

My favorite picture book as a kid was “Oh What a Busy Day” by Gyo Fujikawa. I was transfixed by the gentle and detailed worlds she created. Her illustrations and how they made me feel as a kid have stuck with me for decades. I hope one day to make books that have the same impact. 

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Gyo Fujikawa painted by Heather Powers

How do you overcome a creative block?

My sure-fire ways to spark creativity include a trip to the library to pour over picture books, pulling out new art supplies and getting messy or marvel at the nature's details on a walk.

Are there any children’s classics you’d love to illustrate and/or re-tell?

I’d love to illustrate the adorable characters of Wind and the Willows. I’d quite enjoy drawing rat and mole revealing in their picnic on the riverbank or toad’s overly enthusiastic wagon ride careening down a country road.  I’d also love to illustrate a picture book of Anne of Green Gables for a new generation of kindred spirits. 

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