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Aline Monda

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Aline Monda Interview

Aline Monda

Children's Illustrator

Where do you currently live and where did you grow up?

These days, my life is in Lisbon, Portugal, but I am originally from Brazil, where I grew up in the interior of the Sao Paolo province. Before moving to Lisbon a few years ago, I spent a decade in Denmark, where my husband comes from. During this time, I also set down roots, so that today I even feel a little bit Scandinavian.

Was creativity part of your childhood?

Creativity has been a constant in my life since early childhood. Growing up, I was captivated by the magic of my mother’s sewing room, where random bits of fabric were transformed into gorgeous creations. From an early stage, I channeled this inspiration into creating my own miraculous transformations. Whether outfitting a home-made doll or designing a my own handbags, it was in the sewing room, at my mother’s side, that I felt most most true to myself.

What piece of software or hardware could you not live without and why?

When it comes to software, Procreate is definitely the program I rely on the most. It is highly versatile, yet straightforward to use. As for hardware, life would be hard without my Ipad and Apple Pencil, which I use daily for almost all my work.

Do you keep a sketch book?

Absolutely! Even though most of my finished work is created digitally, I am compelled to keep sketching the old-fashioned way. Every idea I have, is first teased out in one of my sketchbooks. And I have many of them. One on my work desk, one on my night stand, one only for lettering and one stashed in my bag. If someone was to go through all my drawers and cupboards, they’d certainly find a few fresh notebooks, and probably a couple of half-used one that I had forgotten about as well….

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What do you hope children take away from your drawings?

Above all, my wish is to connect with “readers”. I really strive to make my stories speak to kids; to help them discover their own voice and path in a complicated world. Another very important element to me is humour. If I can create characters and illustrations that are both relatable and fun for my readers, then my work is done.

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What is your favourite children’s book and why?

Its impossible to pick just one favourite children's book! It just is. There are so many amazing stories out there. But if I had to highlight someone, Chris Haughton's work really speaks to me. His books are characterized by simplicity and humor, and create an immediate connection with the reader. Among my other candidates, the story of 'Frank and Bert' by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros also stands out to me. A delightful story, with incredibly funny characters.

Which 4 words would you use to describe your illustration portfolio?

Whimsical, honest, engaging, and graphic (pertaining to my style)

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Outline your dream project.

Well dreams grow and develop over time. Just like people. At this stage in my career, the dream project is to author and illustrate a children's book that resonates broadly. I have several stories that I am eager to develop further, and bringing one of them to (shelf-)life would be an incredibly fulfilling experience.

What are some of your favourite subjects to draw?

Animals are great. Kids are great. But I have a particular weakness for animals as kids.

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