Hector Mexia

Hector Mexia

Where is my hero?

It was my pleasure to work with Michael Riordan on this fully colored book, I did 28 pages over the course of 4 months, he was a great client and let me put a lot of my own ideas into the illustrations.

Everybody loves superheroes. They're always around to save the day and always with the help of their trusty sidekicks. And of all the heroes, there's one greater than them all, Rocketman! With the help of his sidekick, Boost, they've saved the world more times than they can count. Rocketman and Boost are the perfect team, and there's nobody Boost looks up to more than her hero. She is so proud to be his sidekick! But when an asteroid threatens to destroy the earth, Rocketman decides to take it on by himself. When he fails to return, all hope seems lost. Only Boost can save the day this time. It's up to her to step up to the challenge, remember all her training, and become her own hero.


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