Edward Platt

Edward Platt

Power Tay

This year I wanted to find a way to use my artwork to give back to the world in a unique way that speaks to me. I discovered a wonderful gem called "The Superhero Project" on my social media stream and quickly signed up my services to become an artist for the project. Lisa Kollins, the organizer of the project, signed me up with Power Tay and provided me with as much information as she could about my young hero partner - all of his likes and interests, his powers and abilities, and his personality - so that I could capture his truth as accurately as I possibly could.

The Superhero Project interviews kids and teens with serious illnesses and special needs about their superhero alter egos – what they stand for, what powers they have, what they look like and how they make the world a better place. The storytelling collaboration continues when artists design the characters the children have described, creating a visual representation of their strength, courage and resilience. Families receive inspiring posters of their superheroes to treasure forever.

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