Daniela Dogliani

Daniela Dogliani

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Daniela Dogliani

Daniela Dogliani

I’ve always wanted to make a living out of storytelling, and since childhood I’ve been a passionate doodler and book-worm. 
My career started as in house illustrator and graphic designer, the passion for storytelling though, led me to pursue a career as freelance illustrator in 2011. 
Since then I illustrated many books, puzzles, cards, toys and lots of lovely things; working alongside international publishers into developing awesome projects. Also I write short stories for kids magazines too, and am currently developing picture books stories.

I graduated from Torino’s Fine Arts Academy with a Bachelor Fine Arts degree and a MSc in Visual Communication. Studied art, illustration and animation, learning storytelling through pictures.

I work mostly digitally in bold colours and painterly style, at ease with both vectors and raster illustrations. Love to work traditionally and mixing media, colour pencils and pastels being my favourite medium.

Positive and passionate, I’m prone to daydreaming, inspired by everything around us, and always at the lookout for a challenging, whimsical project!

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