Chris Perry

Chris Perry

Chris Perry

Chris Perry

Creator of children's book illustrations, Merch Designs, Art Teacher. 

As an illustrator and fine artist my goal is to impart joy and hope to my viewers. Humor is healing and I believe if I can make one soul laugh, if I can inspire with others with awe through my use of color and light, if I can encourage one person to feel a bit braver, I have done what I was put here to do. Through humorous images, I hope to give the gift of laughter and instill hope in others.

Coming out of a worldwide pandemic many people have been wounded by fear. As a teacher it is heartbreaking to have seen even children succumb to fear and hopelessness. As someone who loves to laugh and make others laugh I have heard on many occasions people admit to me, “Thanks, I needed to laugh.” I translate much of that humor in my art.

What compels and informs my work?

Through humor color and the use lights and darks I demonstrate that the dark parts of our lives can be instrumental in making the brighter parts shine even brighter. That despite the dark parts, with laughter, we can brighten up our world. I guess that is why they say laughing is being “light hearted”. With Kid-friendly content I hope to impart these ideals to the youngest of audiences. With laughter we can be afraid but still move forward.

As mentioned earlier A part of my body of work is illustrating chickens as heroes. My motto is, “Every hero is a little chicken.” Ultimately I want to point others to The Creator who works all things for our good who seek Him.  

That is the greatest hope.

Teachers and Mentors include: Stephen Silver, Brian Ajhar, Giuseppe Castellano

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