Chiara Nocentini

Chiara Nocentini

Represented by MIA Milan Illustrations Agency

Chiara Nocentini

Chiara Nocentini

Hello, I'm Chiara a freelance illustrator based in Milano, Italy

I was born in Viareggio near Lucca and I work and live in Milano.
I address my illustrations mainly to children, in the advertising and editorial fields, collaborating with reknown Italian and foreign publishers.

Among them we can list :

Giunti, Mondadori, Deagostini, Fabbri, Gallucci, Edizioniel, Emme, Lito, Auzou, Hachette, Fleureus, 

My working tools are  Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

I'm available for freelance or collaborative work.

Thank you!

EMAIL:  [email protected]

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