Marit Cooper

Marit Cooper

Twentyone Olive Trees

Twentyone Olive Trees
  • Title: Twentyone Olive Trees
  • Publisher: Kat Biggie Press
  • Author: Laura Formentini
  • Category: Classics
I - Camel And Spider
II - The Boy And The Bronze Statue
III - The Waltz Of The Honeybees
IV - The Enchantment Of The Kingdom of Emeralds and Rubies
V - Luce In Haven
VI - Rapid Sparkle's Wild Ride
VII - Doris In The Green And The Bats
VIII - The Star Boat And The Three Lost Men
IX - Piper's Magic Journey
X - The Secret Of Fresh Roaring Waters
XI - The Woman Who Listened To All Music
XII - Niami And The Tree Of Life
XIII - Springy Bunny And The Purple Fairy Godmother
XIV - The Song Of Two Winds
XV - The Poet And The Fabulous Thunderbird
XVI - The Albatross And The Giant Ruler
XVII - The Sheik And The Golden Egg
XVIII - Navajo Train And Bald Eagle
XIX - Starlight
XX - The Priestess In The Temple of Rhymes
XXI - The Mystical Lake Of Loving Kindness
Illuminated initials and olive border
Chapter Illustrations
Olive Grove with Mushroom Lanterns

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