Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson

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Stellar Work from Richard Johnson!

“Have you ever gazed into the sky and wondered about all those twinkling lights?…” This simple yet informative little book features stunning celestial illustrations from the incomparable Richard Johnson, bringing our fascinating Solar System to life for curious preschoolers! Richard says:

“The book was interesting to work on as it was a non-fiction title for the popular U.S Little Golden Book series. It was challenging to create illustrations that are both functional and have an element of playfulness. Scale and simplification were important aspects of the commission, the imagery had to be factual but also decorative, involving all aspects of our Solar System for a children up to 5 years old. Working on non-fiction titles is something I would love to do again!”

Tots will enjoy poring over each dramatically detailed page as they learn about planets, constellations, satellites and spacecraft. Lively and up to date, this Little Golden Book is sure inspire little ones to reach for the stars! Get your copy HERE - it’s out of this world! 


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