Richard Merritt

Richard Merritt

Richard Merritt's Flippin' Great Mermicorns!

Can’t decide which you love more - mermaids or unicorns? Fear not - Richard Merritt is here to show you how you can have your cake and eat it as we delve into the often mad but always magical world of ‘Mermicorns’, a Flip Flap Friends book!

In this, his 11th amazing collaboration with blooming publisher Pat-a-Cake books, beautiful bubble beards, radical rainbow tails, sensationally sparkly horns and fabulous flowery flippers all jumble up to create the most fantastical friends who burst into technicolour life from each split page! Richard says of this hilarious project:

"Mermicorns is possibly the most fun thing I’ve taken on as an illustrator as I was given the freedom to create a whole host of crazy, bold and bright characters. With the help of the fantastic designer Kim at Pat A Cake, I think we’ve made a wonderfully fun and interactive book which has already got my friends' children excited. Look out of Fancy Dress flip flap friend coming soon too!"

With over 72 possible combinations, hilarious names to mix and match, Richard’s crazy chromatic characters and adorably cheeky little details to spot, children will want to keep coming back for flip flap fun again and again! Get it HERE!

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