Javier Joaquin

Javier Joaquin

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Javier's Belting Bible Brief!

This month sees the release of one of The Org’s most anticipated offerings for 2018 and we are thrilled to at last be able to show you Javier Joaquin’s phenomenal work for this groundbreaking project where a fun, fresh and modern representation of bible stories was required! Commissioning Editor of the Children’s New Living Translation Bible, Juliet Trickey says of his dazzling work:

“Upon discovering Javier Joaquin, we knew we’d struck gold! One of the things which most attracted us to Javier for this project was his eye for unusual perspectives and his ability to not be constrained by realistic colour palettes. The graphic elements in his work further add a modern twist to these illustrations. An in-house favourite is Daniel in the lion’s den - the use of shadows in this illustration is marvellous, and the shapes of Javier’s animals and the wonderful expression on the faces of the lions are just exquisite”.

This sublime gift edition is out on the 16th August!

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