Carol Liddiment

Carol Liddiment

Carol's Foxy Fable!

Heinemann Publishing’s new Guided Reading Programme has already been wonderfully received by teachers and pupils alike, and, at the risk of being accused of blowing our own trumpet, we feel not in any small part due to our fabulous artists’ talent and creativity in bringing this diverse group of tales to life! This month we are thrilled to share with you Carol Liddiment’s comical take on the origin of the expression ‘sour grapes’! Fox has his eye on some juicy grapes but discovers that it is easier to say you don’t want something if you can’t have it! We can’t help but sympathise with Carol’s hapless and characterful fox as he runs the gamut of emotions in his quest for the elusive grapes! 

Watch this space for more of our artists’ glorious work for this programme next month!

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