Ingvard The Terrible

Ingvard The Terrible

Young Robin Hood

 I've had this little vanity project in the works for some time, messing it with it here and there, but I've finally managed to wrap it up. Seems a little anti-climatic because it's not really for anything other than a portfolio piece.

In recent years, other authors have taken a handful of classic characters—from Indiana Jones and Sherlock Holmes to The Wicked Witch of the North and Captain Hook—and went back in time to tell the stories of their youth, which I've always thought was a pretty fun idea. So when trying to think of a book cover to illustrate, I figured hey, no one's talked about Robin Hood as a lad.


Who knows, maybe someday I'll even take a shot at writing it (I actually have a story idea). Until then, this will have to do!

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